My daughters' baptism dress.

                                    My daughters' baptism dress.


The idea for this place started many years ago with a very special dress that I made over twenty-five years ago. Both my children have worn that dress and I expect that it will be passed down for generations. Those I will never live to see, allowing me to participate in some small way. When I look at that dress I see the past and the future - time moving forward and yet for a moment standing completely still.  

My heritage is one of individuals that built, engineered, and stitched, practical items out of necessity and also beautiful things that have weathered time. Surrounded by their contributions and a strong sense of tradition, the thought, love, and care they with which they were made can still be felt.

For as long as I can remember I have made things for the people I treasure and care about. Whether one of our items is given by you or to you, everything Sheepberry has to offer is made with the desire that it will be used, loved, and adored for many years.  We hope you will allow Sheepberry to contribute to the events that make life special for you, and for generations to come.


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