We hold these truths to be self-evident:

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Our products are hand crafted; each product is unique and constructed with love in our workspace here in Northern Delaware. Please note that your purchase may be a bit different than what was pictured online and no two items are exactly the same. If there are modifications or a custom design you would like made simply let us know with or contact form


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In order to do our part to save the human race (credit to this video from Vanessa A M Nadal,) we reuse packaging supplies as much as possible - including gift wrapping! If you can, please try to do the same. If you'd rather use the bubble wrap to work through some frustration that is perfectly swell. 

A lot of our materials we use for our products are actually fabric remnants. If you'd like to know more check out the 'Basics.'


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Queer Friendly

Not only are we more than happy to work with you no matter your orientation or gender identity, we understand that shopping and working with proprietors / vendors may not always be that enjoyable. This is more than rainbows during pride month. We support the queer community and work to reflect positive business allyship. (Allyship credit to PeerNetBC)


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When able proceeds will go to organizations and initiatives that align with our values and support women, particularly those that are survivors of abuse.