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Letter from the Editor - October 2018

Every month we will be putting out a digital magazine of sorts. A collection of stories, guides, lists, etc. will be published throughout the month, they will all tie into a central theme for that month. For our debut this October our theme is authenticity. 

It is essential to figure out where the line is between authenticity and putting your best foot forward. Ironically many who feel as if our timelines are too airbrushed, gain their legions of followers by covering up pimples hiding failures and struggles and only showcasing the wins. Today they can be more comfortable and more real because they already got the followers. We started this with the intention of creating handmade goods to add joy to your life, and to promote values that underly our work. We care about what we make and who we make it for (everyone.) We also care about the image we curate. 

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