'Eternal Love' Bind Rune

'Eternal Love' Bind Rune


This is a cement bind rune representing 'Eternal Love.' It is approximately 5in x 3in. 

Runes are an alphabet and each symbol has a meaning. Our runes are Norwegian based. Traditionally, runes are carved onto stone, wood, bone, metal, or some similarly hard surface rather than drawn with ink and pen on parchment. 

SHEEPBERRY  runes are handmade, making each one unique. Once the cement is shaped, the design is made and reinforced many times over the course of several days.   After they are cured, tools are used to etch the design into the cement  The runes can be placed anywhere inside and used as a paper weight, or placed outside in a flowerpot or bed near the entrance to your home where they will naturally weather and deepen in color. 


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