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“You gotta understand, people, I don’t like raccoons. I can’t stand raccoons because I don’t like the way they look. They look like criminals.” Kevin Hart. This raccoon might be a bit mischievous… but he’s all heart. 

This product is made with a technique known as candlewicking. Candlewicking is an old handwork technique from the 1800s, its name derives from the nature of the soft spun cotton thread, which was braided then used to from the wick for candles. Also known as white work, it is usually characterized by the use of white thread on white fabric. While any embroidery stitch can be used, candlewicking is set apart by its use of a variation of the French knot known as the colonial knot. 

*This is a made to order product. Once purchased, one will be knotted and then shipped. 

  • Original design

  • Threads are cotton

  • One color, variegated

  • Thread added to the center to hold rings. 

  • Cut, marked, stitched, stuffed, and finished by hand

  • Base is either bleached or non bleached 100% cotton muslin fabric

  • Pillow filling is premium polyester fiber fill

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