Dino Tracks

Dino Tracks


Image Description: Different types of dinosaurs in different shades on green, blue, and orange surrounded by different vegetation and statements like I’m spikey and ROARRRRR! Reverse side is brown with arrows and triangles of various colors going from left to right in repeating lines. 

Handmade flannel baby blanket. Each blanket is unique and there is only one in stock. Please note the image description below and that each monitor shows colors a bit differently so there may be slight variation off-screen. If you have concerns please feel free to email us hei (at) sheepberryshop (dot) com. 

* This item is one of a kind, if sold out but interested in one or both of the patterns contact us. 

  • Doubled sided Flannel

  • Approximately 35x39”

  • Pre-washed

  • Finished with decorative stitching around the edges

  • Sheepeberry, handmade in USA label attached to bottom corner

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